5 Ways the Universe Communicates With Us

I don't want to make this post too woo-woo, but it's going to be a little woo-woo, so bare with me.

Call it what you will - God, Goddess, The Great Spirit, The Universe - this week has been an interesting one for me.

I've initiated many changes in my life so far - new house at the beginning of this year, went back to school, updated major life goals, and severed ties with thoughts that were holding me back.

Sometimes, the Universe knows just when you're ready to handle change - and sometimes it comes when you least expect it.

Of course, we can view change as a positive or negative thing. However, my own personal philosophy is that change, even if it seems negative today, may seem much more positive the next day, or month, or year, or years later.

I've seen people affected by 'negative change' and then their life is 10 times better later because of it. It seems the Universe has taken care of these people, despite the odds.

So without further ado, here are 5 ways the universe communicates with us.

You've Revamped How You Think

Strangely enough, events from the outside tend to react to thoughts from the inside. I used to not believe that, but after having many strange and coincidental occurrences throughout my life, I now believe it to be the case.

Rule of Three - or Four - or Five

If one change has happened, just wait for it - because the Universe will throw a few more into the mix just to see how you handle it all. When life gives you a lemon, expect a few more thrown in for free.

Strange Coincidences

Strange things and strange timings happen. I could make a huge list of possible happenings, but the point is: you'll know it when you experience it, and then look back at the meandering cause of current circumstances.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Universe rewards us with more of how we treat other people, or how we handle certain situations.

A Lesson in Every Experience

We can learn something from every experience we have. This can change the course of our lives in a multitude of ways.

Question for my readers: Do you believe the Universe (God, et al.) communicates with us? Have you experienced strange coincidences in your own life after changing how you think? Comment below!

Many Blessings Dear Readers,



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