A Better Way to Give a Compliment

Compliments are an easy way to brighten someone else's day. Research has even shown that receiving a compliment actually activates the reward center in our brains (just check out this article from Insider).

What's even better than receiving a compliment? Giving a reason for the compliment. Don't leave your compliments empty. This is also a good way to give someone a compliment who doesn't receive them easily.

Here are some examples,

1 - You are beautiful, because you help other people, like when you helped your grandmother shop for groceries.

2 - I like your shoes, because they compliment your outfit.

3 - You are so intelligent, because you are always looking to learn new things.

4 - I like how you handled that situation, because you talked that person down from anger.

5 - I like your work ethic, because you are always putting your best into every situation you encounter, such as when ...

6 - I like your smile, because it makes me smile.

7 - I like that song you played the other day, because it reminded me of a situation in my life when ...

8 - I like your intensity, because it shows me you are a passionate person who feels strongly about different things.

9 - I like your open-mindedness, because it allows people to be themselves around you.

10 - I like that picture you took, because it shows how happy people can be when getting married.

See how much more full those compliments are? If you only give the first part of those compliments, the person may be left wondering 'why' and may be more apt to downplay their good traits or fashion choices.

If you are going to make an impact on someone by giving a compliment, do so by making it a full compliment.

How do you give compliments? Have you ever had someone argue with your compliments before? How do you prefer to receive compliments?

Many Blessings to My Readers,



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