You Are Not a Cake

How many articles are out there about success?


What is the #1 top google result when searching for the word 'success'?

The top result is: The definition of success.

Which is funny, because all of us have been successful at different things in our lives, so you'd think we would all understand how to define success.

It appears that may not be the case, though. Why is that?

Success, like happiness, is often viewed as an elusive life recipe that must be perfectly concocted to produce achievement. Remember what I said about constantly chasing achievement in the blog post Three Thoughts That Lead to Self-Sabotage? It's something that is best avoided.

We all want to feel like a successful person. However, as there is a recipe for cake, there is also a recipe for success. And we are not a cake. So you can make a cake, as you can make something that you do a success.

Success is something you do. Not something you eat. Wait, I am getting cake and success mixed up. Let me start over, from the basics.

What is the basic recipe of success?


You have to know where you're going in order to get there.

You Will Fail

You will fail. Over and over and over again.

Be Consistent

You have to keep practicing over and over again.

Proper Perspective

You Are Not a Cake - You Are a Person

Just like you are not a cake, you are not a 'success' or 'failure.' Remove those phrases from your personal vocabulary. You are also not a 'cake-ing' person, as you are not a 'successful person' or a '(--> not a word - I made it up) failureful person.'

You are a person, doing your best to become proficient at a skill or achieve purpose-filled activities, which ultimately, leads to success.

You Are Never Done

Let's take being a 'successful walker' for example. There may be certain circumstances that prevent us from walking in the future. Even if you are successful at walking right now, there will be times when you are unsuccessful (such as when I tripped up the stairs before a singing performance in front of my classroom peers).

Or eventually, you may be permanently unsuccessful at walking. Or may not be able to walk at all right now. And that's okay.

The point is, don't treat yourself like a cake. You are not a 'success' or 'failure' based off of certain achievements or a lack thereof. But if you follow the basic ingredients of success, you might be able to bake a cake.

Oops, I mixed them up again. Maybe I'm just hungry.

Questions for my readers: Do you think you or other people can be a cake? What is your own personal recipe for baking a cake? Do you think the concept of cake is overrated?

Many Blessings Dear Readers,



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